Auto Glass

Did you know that in New York State, you, the customer, has the right to choose any Autoglass company that you wish? Many insurance companies try to steer you towards their preferred shop, with all sorts of dishonest tactics. They may tell you that we have no warranty, or that you will pay money out of pocket for full glass coverage, or that we are not certified installers. All these statements are false and unfortunately, some less than reputable insurance companies use these statements to steer you towards places that they get benefits from and you the customer may pay in the long run, whether it be because of cheaper glass or cutting corners to keep the cost down for the insurance company.

Fredonia Glass Service has been around for over 40 years , and we offer a LIFETIME Warranty on our installations ( provided there is no existing damage, such as rust, scratches in paint, or your vehicle has been in an accident.). We have certified installers, and we work with all insurance companies, and never charge customers additional money for insurance work.

Don’t have insurance? Relax, we offer great competitive pricing along with the same great service. Give a call today to get started on your vehicle, 716.672.5161.

One of the most asked questions in do we offer a mobile service and the answer is yes and no. Please let us explain. In New York State we have very diverse weather conditions that come with the ever changing seasons. In the warmer months from May through September we love to do mobile installations, however, as we get into late fall, winter, and early spring, the weather is not conducive for this type of install. While our products are geared toward this cold weather season your car is not. Many cars and trucks built today have plastic parts and metal clips which, in the cold weather,  tend to break, chip, warp,  and rust instead of releasing as they should. In addition we cannot install windshields in the rain, snow, ice or wind. It is during these conditions that we ask the customer to bring their vehicle to our location so that we may “thaw it out” and get it out of the elements. Your vehicle is a major investment and should be treated that way. We aim to offer the best service and install as possible, and in order to do this we sometimes have to sacrifice convenience of our mobile service to accomplish our goal. If your vehicle is in the local Fredonia / Dunkirk area, we can often pick up your vehicle and / or drop off a customer to area locations to help with your daily plans.

Another common question is how long will it take to replace my windshield? A typical windshield replacement will take anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. While the actual removal of the old windshield and the installation of the new one takes from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, the urethane that bond the windshield needs to set for 1 hour in order to be safe to drive. This means that the urethane must cure for one hour so it will retain driver and passenger in the event of an accident and perform as designed in federal safety crash tests. Many mobile installers will let drivers drive away as soon as they are done installing the windshield. This practice is unsafe and aside from the obvious that the windshield may fall out in an accident, it also can cause leaks when a customer slams the car door and air pressure in the cabin pushes a hole in the still soft urethane.

Fredonia Glass Service Technicians goes through continuing education and training with the newest vehicles, equipment, and installation techniques to offer the best service and installation as possible.  We strive to make sure every car is returned to OEM specifications. We will not sacrifice your vehicle or our integrity and quality in an effort to speed things up, save a dollar, or skip over details when we work on your vehicle. Don’t get caught up in the corporate world of auto glass where the bottom line is speed and money at the cost of the quality of the install. Auto Glass “technicians” in the corporate world get paid by how many installations they do in a single day. This attitude and wage setup for pay promotes sloppy, careless work, with missed installation steps leading to a bad name for the whole auto glass industry. At Fredonia Glass Service we believe that craftsmanship, quality, and respect of your vehicle promotes a great installation. Let us show what its like to be taken care of, with respect and knowing that nothing will ever be sacrificed in the name of money or speed.